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Jim Orava - Cayoosh Expeditions Inc.Jim Orava
…Your Tandem Pilot & Instructor

  • Canadian Paragliding Champion 2009
  • Team Canada – World CupBorn in the year of the Tiger, 1962, Jim Orava has remained one of the most avid multimountain sports people in Canada.

Mountaineering rock, ski and wing, 1st ascents and descents climbing, skiing and paddling around the globe, his involvement with sports has created his lifestyle (work for adventure), his marriage (flying girl Corinne), and a very high degree of skill and instructional ability in his chosen fields.

Having taught and guided mountainsports for over two decades, and managed critical situations for Hollywood films for more than 15 years, his ability to assess individuals and the physical/mental environment to create a safe, learning yet exciting stage for you experience is unparalled.

Jim Orava lives with a constant drive for adventure and to maximize both the potential of individual and situation. Learn with finesse and confidence no matter what the experience you dream of, Vol Bivy in the Canadian mountains, kayaking a Nepali canyon, or hut to hut skitouring in the Alps.

Jim can make your ultimate adventure or project happen . The MOST personal and multifaceted guiding/teaching service available.

HPAC instructor and tandem 2 certified.

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Jim or Corinne Orava
Telephone: (604) 894 5502
On the Web: www.cayooshexpeditions.ca